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Come enjoy our own Cherry Festival on Sunset Orchard, home of the largest and best cherries on the bluff! The Festival will start the last week of June (Assuming the fruit is ready) and continue on through July!

The Green Bluff Growers will be hosting our annual Cherry Pickers Trot festival mid July. Come compete with thous
ands of others in our fun run and enjoy our delicious Green Bluff Cherries!


Come spend your special day in nature! With Mount Spokane, thousands of beautiful trees or millions of Blossoms, you and your loved ones will leave with beautiful memories and photos to talk about through the ages!

Sunset's sprawling 20 Acres has several locations for your outdoor wedding and offers an affordable venue to meet your needs.

The best weeks for weddings are during May for Blossoms, June for Beauty and Weather, and late September through October for Fall Colors.

Call today to schedule a viewing and walk through the orchard. 

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