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Apple Blossoms and Mount Spokane

Sunset Orchard On Green Bluff is the new and improved Huckaba Farm. I purchased this lovely, mature orchard in May of 2017 and have poured all my energy into bringing this farm to its former glory while introducing modern planting and growing methods. Set in the heart of the fertile Green Bluff growing community, this orchard offers stunning views of Mount Spokane while you pick the best fruit, vegetables and berries!

Welcome to Sunset Orchard, established 2017. This hundred Twenty Five year old orchard has some of the oldest trees on Green Bluff! 

William Firmage recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Montana. Growing up on a 40 acre ranch, Bill wanted to find a business that would maintain the country life style with an opportunity to leverage his education. Having fallen in love with the Green Bluff experience, an orchard seemed the perfect fit! Come meet Bill as he works on the farm bringing you some of the tastiest food in the world! 

Ask him about the time he was a Stilt Walker in a tiger show and his ultimate adrenaline rush. 


We purchased White Gables, 1000 more trees to pick! New Barn Store. 

2018 we planted new Cosmic Crisp, Honey Crisp, and Pinklady Apples, Early Robin Cherries and  8 variety of peach (230) trees

2019 we planted 16 new varieties of Apples, 2 varieties Apricot and 2 varieties of Nectarine (840) trees


2023 we purchased White Gables, Where we assisted in ordering and planting of 300 Peach and 200 apple. We gained another 1000 fruit trees bringing our total to 3700. 

You're invited to come learn the process and watch the trees grow!

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