Sunset Orchard offers a wide variety of fruit to choose from, whether you enjoy picking on our beautiful farm, purchasing from our stand, or seeing us at our 12 Farmers Markets. There are 36 Apple, 7 Cherry, 2 Pear, 8 Peach, 2 Plum, 2 Nectarine and 2 Apricot varieties to choose from! We planted 250 new trees the 2018 season and 840 for 2019! We welcome you to watch our farm grow and use new growing methods! 


Sunset Orchard offers all organic heirloom vegetables. This Season we will a variety of kale, lettuce, egg plant, onion, peppers, pickling and slicing cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, zucchini,  and 30+ varieties of Pumpkins ranging from 4" to 200 pound! We planted 9000 pumpkin plants! 


Sunset Orchard has huckleberries every season around the 1st of August while supplies last. Sizes from pint to gallon are available at the fruit stand and farmers markets.


Sunset Orchard has sold out of on farm Christmas Trees. We will, however, be supplying Green Bluff with trees from my home town in Montana, which my mother personally managed half her life. Having grown up in those trees, I'd like to share my childhood with you. We will bring well groomed Grand Fir, Concolor and Spruce. Our growers cannot supply enough local trees for the community. We intend to acquire more land to start Christmas trees in the near future, but until that opportunity arises, hopefully, my mothers trees will bring you happiness and joy. 

During tree season, we will team up with a horse company that supplies carriage and sleigh rides. We offer hot cocoa and beverages to warm up while enjoying our farm. 


We're Picking Cherries, Peaches, Apples, Veggies and Flowers!  OPEN M-SU 8AM - 5PM

Last chance for Cherries! Lambert and Bing. Peaches are being picked daily as of Aug 1st. Sorry, No U-pick on peaches, our trees are too young for any hands but ours. Lodi and Transparent Apples are deady for picking / orders! We have Squash, Zucchini and Cucumbers picked daily.

Bring the friends and family, but most important, follow these important rules: Bring a mask, bring gloves, bring sanitizer. We wash our ladders and buckets every day, we wash our handles between customers, but it's your responsibilty to protect yourself and others. We require masks and gloves for any person using a ladder, no acceptions. We will have masks and gloves available at our stand for puchase. We supply complimentary sanitizer for customers. We are doing our best to limit possible transmission. Please touch nothing but the fruit you are purchasing and ask our workers for assistance with items, as we will be sanitizing our hands and equipments throughout the day.

Currently Picking:
Lambert Cherries (Super Juicy- Excellent for Juicing, Jams, Eating)
Bing Cherries (Crunchy/Gummy - Excellent for baking, canning, freezing and Eating).
Early Red Haven Peaches (Cling Stone)
Rising Star Peaches (Limited Cling)
Lodi Apples (Tart- good for apple sauce, pies and eating)
Transparent Apples (Tart- good for apple sauce, pies and eating)
Summer Squash (Yellow)
Zucchini Squash (Green)
Cucumbers (Pickling/Slicing)
Peppers (Anaheim, Early Jalapenos, Green Peppers)

Tomatoes are starting to gain color, expected picking of mid August. Cuccumbers should start filling bulk orders by second week of august. (Rain/cold delay from May).

Closed Until June 23rd

Sunset Orchard is open from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Monday through Sunday and after hours upon appointment.  509 954-2692 


Spring 2018 we planted 8 new varieties of peaches, 3 new varieties of apple including honey crisp, pink lady and our favorite, cosmic crisp, as well as an early rainier cherry. Plus a thousand pumpkins and hundreds of tomatoes!
We have added new parking and additional drives for vehicle access to the entire orchard.
We have added picnic table for additional seating.
We encompassed the orchard with 8' deer fence. 
We added a 9KwH Solar array to power the farm
The 2019 season we added a lot more! 840 trees more!
18 new variety of Apples including: Cosmis Crisp, Honey Crisp, Ambrosia, Sweet 16, Zestar, Cameo, Jonaprince, Wealthy and Aztec Fuji! 
2 new varieties of Apricot and 2 new varieties of nectarines! 

We planted no less than 5,000 pumpkin plants! Added more vegetables, tomatoes, and other veggies!

We also built a new hen house for no less than 68 ladies, a gentleman, and 7 duckies for the farm. Animals that play together, stay together!
We added a large parking lot, a new fruit stand, and beautiful new signs!
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8110 E Greenbluff rd. Colbert, WA 99005

509 954-2692