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Sunset Orchard offers a wide variety of fruit! 60 Apple, 7 Cherry, 4 Pear, 36 Peach, 2 Plum, 2 Nectarine and 8 Apricot varieties! We have just over 3700 trees to pick from!


Sunset Orchard has huckleberries every season around the 1st of August while supplies last. Sizes from pint to gallon are available at the fruit stand and farmers markets.

We have Blueberries, Black and Raspberries. 


Sunset Orchard offers organically handled veggies! We offer Garlic, Tomatoes, Peppers, Cucumber, Squash and Dill. We planted 3200 tomato, 1000 pepper, and 500 cucumber plants to meet your canning and drying needs in this troubling economy. 


Sunset Orchard offeres Pre-Cut Grand Fir Christmas Trees, grown in Montana from a farm the owners' Mother managered through his child hood. 

These beautiful trees will last well into February. We take pride in harvesting them after they have become dormant for winter. These sleeping trees will get a fresh cut, and wake up in your house. A good tree stand full of water and nutrients will keep them going into spring, as long as you keep up with their needs and don't get them too hot next to a heat source.


We're Open for Fall Festival with u-pick of all varieties.

Picked Honeycrisp, Gala, Golden, Jongold, Fuji, Sweetie, Snowsweet, and Blondie. Bartlett, Veggies and Pumpkins
We have picked Apple, Pumpkins, Pears, 
Cucumbers, Squash, Tomatoes. Peppers.

Huckleberries, Honey, Jam.

Sunset Orchard is open from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Monday through Sunday and after hours upon appointment.  509 954-2692 


This year we purchased White Gables, our neighboring property, increasing our U-pick area to 20 acres. 
We extended our Fruit stand to support more fruit. 

We now attend 
Hillyard, Fairwood, Millwood, Kendall Yards, Garland, Thursday, Athol, Emerson Garfield, Spokane Valley, Sandpoint, Liberty Lake and Missoula Farmers' Markets! 


Snow Plowing, Snow Blowing, Snow Shoveling, Roof Shoveling, Roof Raking, Salting, Removal, Opening up and Scheduled Maintenance. 
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